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Born in San Fransisco Ca. Raised in East Palo Alto by his grandmother, this young artist started writing lyrics at the age of 11. Using loops from various instrumentals from artist such as Onyx, E-40, 2Pac, Brotha Lynch Hung, Ghetto Boys, he learned the art of hip-hop and  began driving his grandmother crazy with constantly playing music at all times of the day. Instead of making him stop, his grandmother encouraged him to learn read and write, so that he would have "something to say". He hasn't stopped since. Years later he found his way to Houston Texas where he began his life. Later on he meets his team Kamille Carondelet & Clown The Villain, and Hip-Hop hasn't been the same since. Together they created 3Peat Movement Records ©, and Ensane's first album under the label was born: EnSane - PHALANX. Since then they have been climbing up the Hip-Hop ladder and have been introduced to the Houston Underground scene. Get ready world because they are coming for your ears and hearts.

Clown The Villain

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DJ Clown The Villain is an up and coming DJ and producer and 1 of 3 repping 3PeatMovement. The L.A. native (Watts) had an ear for sound since an early age in the 80’s and was always intrigued and curious to how certain sounds and frequencies were produced. R&B tracks with 808’s and synthesizers and hard rap songs motivated and push Clown to explore the world of sound. By the mid 90’s he move to Kansas City, MO and got a taste of independent and underground rap on an up close and personal level, while still holding on to that signature West Coast sound. Influenced by Bay Area rap and beats, Down South 808’s, and the independent game, DJ Clown The Villain has teamed up with Ensane (@ensaneagram) and Kamille Carondelet (@kamichan504) to form a unique production and rap team, 3Peat Moveement Records© “All I know is, you’re not going to find a better team suited for bringing something funky and different to the game! Get Use To Us!” -DJ Clown The Villain

Kamille Carondelet

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Kamille Carondelet is an emcee, composer, and songwriter. As one of the co-founders of 3Peat Movement Records© in Houston, TX, she and her fellow brethren (EnSane & Clown The Villain) are paving their own lane in the rap industry as a unique outfit of talent.


The New Orleans native has been surrounded by music her entire life. Growing up in a family of musicians and music connoisseurs, Kamille couldn't help but to follow the way that was set before her. From the age of 6 to 16, she sang in youth choir and played in various school bands. It was during these ten years that she developed a sense of pitch and learned music theory. In between those years, she studied creative writing, which taught her structure and helped her to develop her style and voice. She would, later, apply these techniques to her music production, which she began at age 14.


Her main source of inspiration comes from New Orleans culture. Kamille says, “Music is in the heart of every New Orleanian. You don't even have to play an instrument. Even if you just dance or sing along, it's a part of you. You're not running from music.” Other sources of inspiration are video games, anime, spirituality, and Hip Hop culture.


Her goal, as a musician, is to show that you can be an individual and still be a part of the village. That it's okay to have your own mind and not be subjected to groupthink. Kamille says, “I see so many artists go the cookie-cutter route. I also see how that's reflected in the consumers of the products these artists create. It's like people don't value themselves and only value the opinions of others. I don't want to be that. Just because you are being true to yourself doesn't mean you ain't a part of the greater whole. It's okay to love yourself, you know?”

Gee Slim

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When you’re the shit, it’s hard to stay humble, but Gee Slim manages to do this every day. He is blessed with a gift of melding words and music together in a unique way. Writing poetry at a young age certainly helped cultivate his wordplay but learning to read and write music in the 7th grade took his talent over the top. Gritty rhymes over simplistic, minimalist beats that tell stories are his bread and butter although he will take the time to flex his lyrical prowess on nonbelievers.

Growing up in the Mississippi Delta was not easy, but it molded him into the man he is today as well as shaped his music. With a heavy Memphis influence on top of growing up listening to the blues, this truly makes his music and style stand out among the rest. The most important thing to him about music is having fun doing it, and it shows every time he touches a microphone. He doesn’t care about bars or punchlines. He encourages every artist to express themselves and tell their truths.